08 April, 2004

I have a holiday dilemma.

Keep in mind that I grew up in a house where Easter Dresses and Easter Presents were forbidden under the pretext that such things divert one's focus from the true nature of the day. I understand that on some level, and part of me has internalized these prej^^^H preferences for myself. The thing is that tomorrow is Good Friday, and I want to see Hellboy. How awful is that?! Now of course , I'd lay money (gambling?!? What has become of me???) that I'll see Hellboy on Saturday, and everything will work out fine.

This makes me ask myself what the difference is between seeing this movie about a superhero demon man on Good Friday versus any other time of the year. He's still a superhero demon man, regardless of the day...but there's something just skeevy about it, I guess.

Then again, when we were kids we did get candy on Easter, even though we didn't get presents. Part of me suspects that despite the rationale we were reared with, the truth of the matter is that candy is cheaper than the typical dry goods offered as presents.

So I guess my question is, by holding the day as sacred do we idolize the day instead of worshiping the day's creator? Our only instruction is to remember the Sabbath Day.

And exactly what do all of these ecclesiastical backbends have to do with the superhero demon movie, anyway?

I think I need to work through my logical position on this.


At 4:49 PM, March 28, 2007, Anonymous La BellaDonna said...

Aaaaannnd... this is my penance for working my way backwards through your blog. Where's the rest of the year??? I want more!!!

Hellboy is an excellent film. If it's on DirecTV, chances are good it's up and running at my place.


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