08 June, 2005

Republicans--The Other White Meat

By now everyone who lives above ground has probably heard Dr. Dean's latest complaint. What I find most interesting, aside from the fact that he used "White Christian" as a veiled sort of slur, was this:

Challenged on that during the NBC interview, Dean said "unfortunately, by and large it is. And they have the agenda of the conservative Christians."

"This is a diversion from the issues that really matter: Social Security, and adequate job opportunity, strong public schools, a strong defense," Dean said.

I have checked my weekly Aryan Servants Of Jesus newsletter, and was amazed to read that none of us had these issues on our agendas at all. Apparantly Cardinal Law and Dr. Falwell feel that Social Security reform may detract from our drive to have everyone tattoo The Purpose-Driven Prayer of Jabez on their children--both born and unborn.

Christians don't have to be Republican or Democrat (I'm leaning increaslingly libertarian as I get older and more jaded). They don't have to be White, either. They do have a voice, presumably informed by the compassion of Christ. As such, they should be welcomed to the table in any forum.


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