23 June, 2006

Why Writers Shouldn't Read The News

Whew. Sorry about that whole temper-losing thing down there on the Mulims article. In retrospect I should have maybe calmed down a bit. "Stupid" is one of those words that in my family was on par with slang words for bodily functions and sexual congress. You just NEVER said it. So reading back on me saying something is "stupid" kinda makes me ashamed of my self.

But it does raise a good point. If you write a lot...if you deal in words...reading the news is hard. I know there are many ways to say something. I know that the words you use and the way you structure them can state the same truth but dress it in varied costume. When I see other people being tricksy with their stories, dealing facts from the bottom of the deck, it gets me riled.

Pass the bourbon, Sarcastro.


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