15 June, 2005

Getting What You've Paid For

Interesting article on school vouchers in Milwaukee.

No matter the faith of the school, the long-term goals of the religious schools are to inculcate their students with the values, morals and sometimes the specific practices that the school espouses.

Carrie Miller, principal of Mount Calvary Lutheran School, at N. 53rd and Locust streets, said she emphasizes the school's goal of making the students "Christ-like witnesses" to parents considering sending their children there.

The school wants students to learn how God wants people to act and relate to each other, and wants religion to be an element not only in specific classes on the subject but in everything done in the day, she said.

Both Tim and I are veterans of Christian Schools, so I obviously have a very biased viewpoint. That being said, I can't imagine anyone thinking that the above viewpoint would be anything but beneficial to the community.


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