22 June, 2005

Nobody Got Into Pr0n For The Paperwork

Or...I don't know. Maybe there is some kind of ultra kinky CPA pr0n that involves ledger books and manila folders. Not being a devotee of that side of the universe, I have no idea.

Any way, the Pr0nmaking community is all up in arms about 2257 regulations (SFW) .

The thrust (heh) of these regulations is that producers and purveyors of explicit material are required to

a) maintain detailed records about the true age, true name and cross-referenced aliases of all employees.

b) make said detailed records readily-available at a street address, said address printed on the packaging materials for all videos and paraphinalia.

I'm a libertarian, so I'm supposed to feel righteous anger about the Federal Government interfering in legitimate business. Too bad that I don't. Why? Well, I worked for a company that sells photo albums and paper plates. We had strict Federal labeling guidelines on everything, and spent a truckload of money enforcing them. PAPER FRICKIN PLATES.

I'm finding it very difficult to feel bad for Slee Z. Entrepreneur for actually having to keep business records and follow Federal labeling Guidelines that the rest of the business community have been hampered by since the dawn of time. Those of us in mainstream businesses see our bottom lines bullied into nonexistance, watch our friends get laid off and suffer through hiring freezes that last for eighteen months at a time. It would seem that what has been good for our gander should be sauce for the Goose industry.

Side benefit? All of the extra office space that has gone unrented since the dotcom bubble puncture can now serve as Addresses Of Record for the Adult Industry.


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