31 January, 2006

I Don't Know Whether To Be Happy Or Ashamed

I spent the afternoon doing my taxes. I love to do my taxes. In an odd way it's sort of like an Internet Meme, except instead of finding out which crew member of the Battlestar Galactica you are, it tells you how much money you have to fork over to keep Senator Byrd in office with needless geegawgery in West Virginia. For the past several years I've had to pay amounts ranging from the large to the very large to the painful.

This year, surprisingly, I'm getting money back. Whoa. I know not what this feels like.

I'm sure gonna be happy when the refund gets automatically deposited, but I'm ticked that my accounting was so bad throughout the year as to float Uncasam a hefty interest-free loan. Oh well. Who am I kidding? I'm not gonna complain about having the cash!


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