06 June, 2005

Just Remeber This When They Mention Socialized Medicine As A Viable Alternative

The right hand apparantly doesn't know that the left has its head up its nethers.

Despite congressional mandates, intelligence agencies still struggle to share information with each other, Gannon said.
"You don't go to work every day in the intelligence community with the idea, 'What can I share?' It's 'What can I protect?'" he said. "And that is the idiom of the business. So if you want information to be shared, it has to be very clear to people what authorities they do have to share."
Relatives of Sept. 11 victims accused the FBI and CIA of intentionally refusing to share intelligence that could have thwarted the attacks.

This is a good look into the minds of bureaucrats. If they are so tightfisted with information about where Farkupistan and Persia Minor are going to plant the next batch of exploding fertilizer, I hardly think that they are going to see to it that Grandma gets to see a specialist in a timely manner.

I'm just sayin'.


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