16 June, 2005

Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With TV

Jason and Erin are renouncing TV. It sounds like an interesting challenge, and I'll enjoy reading him blog about the results.

Reasons that I will not be giving up TV:

5. Lilo & Stitch: The Series . Yes, at 35 I need to watch a blue alien monster tear up Hawaii.

4. Without CNN to yell at, I fear that poor Tim will receive more of my tirades.

3. How else will I be brought to tears, if not by watching Deserving Good People (TM ABC) receiving a hastily-constructed new home that far exceeds their means and the current property values of their neighborhood?

2. Dude. SHARK WEEK! Ain't no way I'm missing Shark Week.

1. We are the Cobles. July is Tour De France. July just ain't July without Bobke.


Edited to Add: Jason will miss the new season of BSG. It's not all Dancing With The Stars


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