23 August, 2005

The Real Cost Of Robertson's Remarks

About 10 years ago Tim and I had a legitimate reason to visit the campus of Regent University, where Pat Robertson is safely ensconsed. It's a nice campus down in Virginia, not far from Norfolk Naval Base. The grounds are beautifully kept, and the only overt sign of Robertson's fiefdom are the large satellite dishes used to beam The 700 Club to televisions everywhere.

Contrast that with the Richardson Families. These Mennonite missionaries
have committed their lives to answering God's call to Venezuela through New Tribes Missions. These couples, and others like them, have moved to Venezuela to translate Scriptures for various tribes, plant churches, and provide medical care. A quick read-through of the prayers page for Venezuela shows the hard and rewarding work these people have in bringing the Gospel to people who hunger and thirst for righteousness. There are many.

Yanomami tribe, Venezuela (April 19th, 2005): Nine Yanomamis hiked eight days through the jungle to ask for a missionary. Their desperation was evident to missionary pilot Steffan Pyle. Pray that God will send laborers.

When Robertson, safe on the other side of the television camera, makes careless remarks he jeopardizes this very real work. He also jeopardizes the lives of these missionaries, as well as the lives of the tribespeople with whom they live.

We are called to be in this world, not of it. Advocating murder seems to definitely cross that line.


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Well said.


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