01 August, 2005

Sorry, Lord

This bugs me.

Christians have every right to have a political opinion. I believe Jesus tacitly agreed to this when he told us to "Render unto Caeser." I also believe that he emphasised that Caeser and God were seperate entities. Preaching poltics from the pulpit is a bad idea.

Quite frankly, I worry that this type of thing will cost churches their tax-exempt status.

And yes, I am a born-again Christian with conservative political beliefs.


At 9:37 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Glen Dean said...

I think it perverts the Gospel of Jesus Christ for churches to involve themselves with politics. The whole mission of the church is to lead people to Jesus and our hope does not rest in the presidency, congress, or the Supreme Court. The hope of our nation and of us as Christians is Jesus Christ.


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