03 September, 2005

Cross Blog Aggregation

I stole this idea from A.C. Kleinheider at Hard Right.

I'm linking to all of my Nashville Is Talking posts.

Dreams CAN Come True
Forget The Happy Hula
Sharon Schools Kanye
Open Churches
Can't we GIVE our Blood Away
Fork In the Road
Dave Would Like to Fire Bush
NOLA Up Close and Personal
Free Phones and Net Time For Refugees

This way I can keep track of what I wrote. I guess.


At 7:58 AM, September 03, 2005, Blogger Patrick said...

Is part of the guest blogging contract that you have to stay up for 72 hours straight?

BTW, I just realized that I think that Spotlight is much more important than Dashboard. In order to multiply 24 by 3 (my brain isn't on this morning yet but my mac is,) I did command-space-c-a-l-c-down arrow-down arrow-down arrow-down arrow-enter instead of fn-F12.


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