27 September, 2005

Quick, Stacey, What's Seven Minus One?!?!?

Dude, it's been such a painful day for me to surf over onto Camp4U. Not only does it sound like an institution of higher learning where one studies chemical additives, it regularly causes me to wince. Now, The Rep has poisoned the well of pop culture with some serious revisionism. Stacey has removed his comments section so I am forced to post these thoughts here, for all 5 of you to see.

use to play a game in the 7th or 8th grade called the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon .The object of this game was to link by association any one in the world to movie star Kevin Bacon in 7 steps or less .It was fun and simple to do.

Now I have become Kevin Bacon and some people are doing all they can to link me to what ever they can (many times fabricating it on computer as they go along.We used to call this cheating when I played the game).

Some clarification for the 37-year-old elected official-cum-blogger is clearly in order.

Firstly. Dude. It's SIX DEGREES. It has been Six degrees since the 1950s. Maybe in the last car corner of the world you all needed an extra degree that the statisticians at MIT failed to account for, I don't know. I may be able to cut a small amount of slack for your possible regional necessities.

More importantly...when you were in 7th or 8th grade it was presumably 1980. Since Kevin Bacon had been in a grand total of four movies at that point this would have been really difficult to play. (Or maybe not. That extra degree may have been more necessary than I realized. Aha! It's all coming together!)

I clearly remember the game in 1988 because I remember the guy I played it with. That was also right around the time that Bacon was having his first series of comeback films and seemed to be in every darned thing. The joke was that he was in every movie, so he could be linked easily to everyone. (He appeared in 4 films in 1988).

The board game was released many years later.

I realize I'm being inordinantly picky, and severely disappointing Bob Krumm and the wider constituency in the process. I flatter myself, however, that I am a lay (hah!) expert on actors who submit to full frontal nudity in feature films and insist on total accuracy when discussing them.

And now, that I've linked repeatedly to Campfield in one day, I too can be a "hate sight".


I initially posted this in the comments section at Bob Krumm's but got to thinking that maybe it'd be nice to add it here, too.

I've actually been getting the feeling after the past few days that as much heat as he gets, the guy really buys into the whole spirit of Thunderdome and doesn't mind the bad press all that much. Hey, at least people are talking about him! Most politicians would consider that a boon.

He does seem to have a sense of humour. I enjoy that about him, honestly. Hence my Kevin Bacon thing, which Tim (Coble) tells me reads "cranky" but was really written in good fun. Tim (W)'s smileycons would come in handy right about now.


At 7:03 PM, September 27, 2005, Anonymous Sarcastro said...


How was it I was in my mid-twenties when the Kevin Bacon game came out.

How old is Campfield? If he is mid-to-late thirties, then he was in middle school when "Animal House" came out. Generally considered the first time Mr. Bacon met a wide audience.

Evidently, they marry 'em and elect 'em young in East Tennessee.

At 7:07 PM, September 27, 2005, Blogger Kat Coble said...

According to his bio, he's 37, a few months older than Tim.

At 7:15 PM, September 27, 2005, Anonymous Sarcastro said...

A little research shows that the Kevin Bacon game came into existence in '93 or '94. That sounds about right.

I was willing to give Campfield the benefit of the doubt until it became clear he just likes to make shit up.

At 7:16 PM, September 27, 2005, Anonymous brittney said...

I particularly enjoyed his using "sight" and "site" in the same sentence to mean the same thing, a web site.

I guess spell checkers don't fix everything.

At 7:26 PM, September 27, 2005, Blogger Kat Coble said...

I clearly remember playing in college in 88, because I played with a circle of people that was only together in that one year (88-89). It was one of those viral things, that everyone remembers doing, but slowly bubbled to the forefront of national consciousness. I think 93-94 was when it started getting wider press due to the Internet, etc.

Ginelli, Turtle & Fass claim to have invented the game in college in 1993, but I think that it was more true that they had the brains to organize a publicity for something that had been going on in campuses for years.

At 11:30 PM, September 27, 2005, Blogger John H said...

One other thing re the Kevin Bacon game. The 'Rep' says that you can link ANYONE in the world to Kevin Bacon, as opposed to any other person who made a movie and that the game is rather easy to play.

I can probably link myself to Bacon in six moves if I thought about it, but I doubt it would be easy for anyone else to do that.

The Rep was trying to make a point, but even with that point, he screwed the pooch by several years, and then didn't even get the game right.

If someone told me that the whole 'Camp4u' site/sight was a satire, I would feel a little punked, but I'd certainly believe them after reading posts like the 6 degrees posting.

At 12:02 AM, September 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does one qualify as a "link" to KB? I was an extra in a movie with Natalie Portman (Where the Heart Is). Walked right next to her, but never talked to her. Natalie Portman was in Domino One (2005) with Ken Cheeseman and
Ken Cheeseman was in Mystic River (2003) with Kevin Bacon. So does this mean I have a Kevin Bacon number of 3, or does it not count since I don't actually know Natalie Portman?

Anyway, I just wanted to sound cool and tell everyone I was in a move with Queen Amadala. I'm a geek.


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