27 September, 2005

Sharin' About Sharon: Vol. II

Sharon called ME this morning. She was up and around at 8:15! She's not requiring that much morphine to manage the pain, and is happily beginning the day as all people should--with a Van Morrison album.

They still aren't sure whether or not the growths were cancerous, but the doctor doesn't think so. We'll know for sure in a week.

One concern that you can all keep in your prayers is that she is having trouble breathing...the doctors will be inserting a breathing tube later this morning. Breathing difficulties are a not-uncommon side effect to both opiate pain management and abdominal surgery. Given the way she's mastered everything else, I imagine this will go well, too. She is a trooper.


I misunderderstood her earlier message. She is not having a breathing tube inserted. She's receiving breathing treatments.


At 8:59 AM, September 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:29 AM, September 27, 2005, Blogger melusina said...

Thanks for the updates Katherine. I went to bed last night checking constantly to see if you had word from Sharon yet, but you hadn't (well, it was still only early afternoon for you anyway).

So today I see two posts that she is doing well and I am so glad to hear it. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts. Glad she is keeping up with some good music while she is in the hospital.

At 11:47 AM, September 27, 2005, Blogger Raizor's Edge said...

I called Sharon on my lunch break. She sounded really groggy at first, but she perked up quite quickly: started talking about Jake. :) She sounded in good spirits. It was terrific to hear that the doctors said there's no evidence of cancer anywhere in her body; so, assuming the tumors are nonmalignant, she couldn't come out of this better! I'm SO thankful to hear this!!

Keep her in your prayers, though. I had the same thing ten years ago, and it is a little uneasy while waiting for the pathology report.


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