11 October, 2005

I'm Terrified.

You'll have to visit Andrea at Spleenville to see the nightmare for yourself.


At 12:40 AM, October 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesing Perspective on Genocide in RA
Filed under: Armenia , Diaspora , Travel - Posted by Katy on October 10th Blogger Marcia from Mission Trip to the Caucasus, blogs today on opinions on the Genocide in the Republic of Armenia.
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At 7:39 AM, October 11, 2005, Blogger John H said...

The spam above may be the least appropriate to the subject I've ever seen, but it pales in disturbing comparison to the picture uncovered by clicking on the link.

I think we should have a spam-writing contest - Hi, you are the smartest man i've ever known, and maybe the coolest. Check out my Supreme Court nomination site when you get a chance...

At 10:35 AM, October 11, 2005, Blogger P. K. Nail said...


Do that “Sometimes When We Touch” mp3 loop along with the picture.

Goodbye, cruel world! *fashions noose and hangs self*


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