24 October, 2005

Warner Bros. MAKE IT STOP!!!

In searching for a place to rip off my banner graphic for the previous post I came across the wallpaper/cover art for the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack.


Harry and Hermione are not a couple. They have never been a couple. Only in the twisted minds of Rita Skeeter and some crazy people who apparently don't catch on quickly to the written word have they ever been a couple.

I am just sure that I'm late to this bandwagon of WB abuse seeing as how I've been on Pottersabattical and missed all the premovie blow-by-blow over at Muggle Net, HPANA, etc. But still. I'm adding my two knuts to the pot.


Should be "WHOM". I forget my grammar when indignant.


At 7:19 PM, October 24, 2005, Blogger P. K. Nail said...

There's another pic like that where Ron's closer to Harry. But yeah, you can imagine how much the H/Hers read into all that.

It's no excuse, but I think a lot of it is simply marketing. They get their male audience with Harry and their female audience with Hermione, and poor Ron sometimes gets left out in the cold. Even though most people who read the books probably identify with Ron more than most of the other characters.

At 7:52 PM, October 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think half of the marketing people out there don't actually watch/read/look at the products they're promoting.

I just can't look at Hermione without remembering the SNL skit with Lindsay Lohan as Hermione - with boobs. Harry, Ron, the twins - were all gaga - it was hilarious.

i see we're back with the zfimkgjr (thats my verify word ... ) ;)


At 9:24 AM, October 25, 2005, Blogger Kat Coble said...

I missed that. Clearly I need to be TiVo'ng SNL.

Funny you mention that, Pam. I always identify mostly with a cross between Ron & Hermione. But Ron is my favourite character by far.

Well, Ron and Remus.

At 10:47 AM, October 25, 2005, Anonymous Sarcastro said...

Let me see if I understand this. You could care less who Shepard Smith is copulating with, as it is no one's business but his. But when it comes to the imaginary coupling of fictional children's characters, it is time to break out the torches and pitchforks and storm the gates of Warner Brothers.

Is that about right?

At 10:56 AM, October 25, 2005, Blogger Kat Coble said...

Yeah. that pretty much sums up my schizophrenic world view. To a T.


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