16 December, 2005

The Great Society

Both John and Sharon discuss our wonderfully social evening last night. Allow me to add my five cents.

I come from a big family of big people who are big talkers. There's little I enjoy more than sitting around a table with other folks and talking. I spent my formative years with two brothers and a sister, so I even enjoy it if we disagree on an issue. Unless that issue is whether I was the one who wrecked dad's car. Last night was undoubtedly one of the more fun evenings I've had lately. We ruminated on Iraq, discussed the nature of God in the lives of everyday people and tried to figure out who did the best cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". Everyone watched as I decided that the Egg Nog Chai at Starbucks is a decidedly unpleasant concoction. We talked about inclusiveness, liberalism and kindness. John and I agree that Hugh Grant's portrayal of the Prime Minister sullies an otherwise wonderful film (Love Actually.) Since we kept getting sidetracked I never got to tell John that the other part of the movie I don't like is the Laura Linney storyline. Sharon, the book you NEED to read is Helen Fielding's Cause Celebe. In case we wore you out to the point of forgetting.

The moveable feast spontaneously relocated to the sushi bar, although regrettably without Kerry Woo. In another "small world" coincidence, Kerry is close friends with one of the Coble family close friends, so that was a treat. Everyone patiently listened to me ramble about my as-yet-uncompleted book which actually helps me toward completing it. So blame them.

I really enjoyed it, and am much looking forward to a repeat engagement.


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