27 April, 2006

Throwing Pots

I think this gal might be on to something.

I think one of the biggest reasons writers fail is because they don't write...The reason seems to be that the students who had to make a lot of pottery, began to play and take chances on their work since it didn't matter how it turned out. These risks allowed them to create some incredible work; they were free to create without judgment.

After a year of labouring over Writing my Book, with endless time spent researching such dry facts as sheepherding in Wales, I've taken a different tack. I gave myself a "month off" to write any fun fiction thing that appealed to me. I've gotten a lot more written, I think what I've written is better technically and I've enjoyed sitting down to write every day.


At 8:33 PM, July 04, 2006, Anonymous jamil scherief said...

I agree writers must write. And being a potter, i think potters must pot. The fruit in making pots comes from making pots. Is it possible that the fruit of writing comes from the experience of writing? Joseph Campbell thought that people are not looking for the meaning of life, but for an experience of being alive. Do you feel alive when you write? If not, go back and meditate.


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