30 September, 2006

I Think I Just Signed My Own Death Warrant

I just got a call from a lovely woman named Hazel.

She asked me to serve on the church's Publicity Committee.

In 2009.

While I readily agreed, I somehow feel that tempts fate just a bit.

I know that when Man plans, God laughs. Perhaps since this plan is one of service to God He will laugh a bit less. However, if tragedy befalls me prior to 2009, you all know the real reason.


At 12:04 PM, October 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! I gave them your name :)

~ Lacy

At 8:46 PM, October 01, 2006, Blogger dailydiablogger said...

Dang. You might be rich and famous by then. Maybe they know that and they plan to have a bonafide celebrity? Anyway, I'd like to aid in your celebritydom (sp?)... Please let me know if you will make it to the 10/21 Panel of Experts. I really would like you to be there. I'll need a bio and pic. Please.

At 10:32 PM, October 01, 2006, Blogger Aunt Lydia said...

I think you misunderstood - your term is 2007-2009. You will rotate off at the end of 2009. Don't worry, though, that committee doesn't have a clear purpose, so it's not a lot of work.

At 7:51 AM, October 02, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

Lacy--Cool. I'm glad they're listening to you.

Michelle--yes, I plan to be there. I'll send you the bio. I don't know if I have a pic. I'll come up with something (much to my chagrin.)

Lydia--I dunno. It was pretty hard to misunderstand. We (Hazel and I) talked for a long time about it. I asked her if they needed people BEFORE 2009 and she said she had two names per year and she'd put me down for 2009. That sounds like the term starts in 2009 to me. I then said well, that was a long way away and I'd commit to it "Lord Willing" and Hazel said "well, you're young. You're not likely to die before then" and I said "Oh yes, I'm only 36 but I don't like to count my chickens".

Etc. We bantered like this for about 5 minutes. Pretty hard to misunderstand that.

At 12:50 PM, October 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lydia's right :) (Hazel might have assumed you knew how committees work around here.) You're signing on for a term from 2007 - 2009 :)

We're not that *on the ball* to be lining people up to start being on a committee for 3 years from now. Sheesh. We're lucky if we know what we're doing 3 weeks from now :)

And PR committee doesn't have much on the agenda right now; now that we've got the Evangel almost into the 21st century - we're just assisting with everything Building Bridges related.

~ Lacy

At 1:46 PM, October 02, 2006, Blogger Pink Kitty said...

Elena says:

'Hi from another Nominating Committee member. No, dearie, this isn't for only 2009. You will have a 3-year term beginning in 2007. So you will be on the committee for all of 2007, all of 2008, and all of 2009; then you roll off. Make sense?'

At 1:59 PM, October 02, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

Well, I guess I'm the idiot. Perhaps they better think twice about which committee to put me on. If any. Because I apparently am not capable of complex rational and organisational thought.

Maybe I should think about government work instead.

At 8:15 AM, October 03, 2006, Blogger Pink Kitty said...

I don't think you could live with yourself if you went to work for the government.


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