07 March, 2007

Slartibartfast Is A Genius

Wow, the comments from yesterday's truculent post are hoppingly interesting, even though they seemed to veer off topic at points.

Why am I writing a whole post about the comment section of an earlier post? Because I don't want anyone to miss the genius of Slartibartfast. Of course I think he's a genius because he perfectly summed up something I've been thinking to myself for a long time.

I read Volunteer Voters most days. I also read other political blogs on occasion. I used to be fiendish about politics, to the point where I majored in Political Science and thus squandered some of the best years of my life on the twin madnesses of game theory and parliamentary procedure. I still enjoy talking about politics on occasion but I can't live it anymore. Like any 8-month old nonverbal teething child, politics now both frustrates and bores me if I'm around it too much.

But that does NOT mean I'm politically ignorant. The attitude that some people have toward those of us who are Politics Lite in the blogosphere bemuses me. I don't talk about Jesus all the time, but I'm still obviously a Christian. I don't talk about sex in public very much, but I still know how to do it. [I said that last line just to embarrass my sister who hates when I write about sex on my blog.]

So of course, I think Slarti put it best when he said this:
Remember that moment in Braveheart, when the attendant to the princess starts speaking to her in French, 'knowing' that the barbarian Wallace wouldn't understand? And then that sweet moment when Wallace not only responds in French, but several other languages as well?

You'd be amazed what some of us non-political bloggers know about politics. I probably am just as educated and aware of parlimentary procedure as Hobbs himself. I've actually had formal training in it.

There is a difference between blogging about things other than politics because you're uneducated and uninterested, and blogging about other things because you understand that politics, while important, is not the most important thing.

People like Hobbs view politics as sport. I think THEY are the ones who don't understand it, not me.

Of couse it helps that he references one of my favourite movies. You cannot go wrong with Braveheart, my friends.


At 12:23 PM, March 07, 2007, Blogger Slartibartfast said...

Braveheart rocks.

I appreciate the kind words. Now, for the irony. After raising such a ruckus, I discovered that both of my bosses will not let me off for Blogger Day On The Hill. My work boss needs me those days, and my home boss let me know in her oh, so subtle way that we really need to cash in those PTO days to pay for our upcoming trip.

So y'all will have to hold down the fort, if you can go.

And I WAS planning on filing some very "professional" reports, after scaring everyone into thinking I was going to go as nemisisboy II - just for giggles.


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