29 June, 2005


* Phone Rings*'

Me: I knew it would be you!

Tim: How in the **** [word for Biblical Hot Place Sensored so that I don't get the Parental Advisory from Patrick...] does "For Better Or Worse" qualify as the 'U' link?

Me: Because it's at the United Media Comics site.

Tim: That's like the Lord's Prayer coming up under 'V'

Me: Cause it's at Verbal Aramaic or Vocal Aramaic or something like that.

Tim: That's cheap. You're not following the rules

Me: [indignantly] I am SO! The rule is that you clear out your thingyspace and the first letter you type and what comes up is the link. [verbal abilities compromised by indignance]

Tim: I just think you're taking advantage of a loophole. got another call gottagobye

Me: [Hanging up] You're a loophole.

Lacy, I hope you're happy.


At 11:49 AM, June 29, 2005, Blogger Patrick said...

Tim, chill. :)

At 2:01 PM, June 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tim - That's also how I ended up as her S url ... she's totally following the rools.

~ L

At 11:57 PM, June 29, 2005, Anonymous tom said...

You said Sensored instead of 'Censored.' I think you need to try another dictionary page.

- impudent litte brother.


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