29 June, 2005

These Are The URLs in Your Neighborhood...

The URLs you visit each day. Lacy suggested this activity, and so I'm playing along because it sounds like fun.

What is the first website that comes up automatically with each letter of the alphabet? Well, let's see.

A: Amazon

B: Blogger

C: CBS Marketwatch

Noticing a pattern? I'm apparently a very predictable 56 year old man. Which would be fine. If I weren't a 35 year old woman.

D: Dictionary.com *Whew*. That was close. 3 days ago I was trying to settle an argument with my brother Dave, so I looked something up on Dancing With The Stars. Fortunately that URL is fourth or fifth on the list. Can you imagine what a dork I'd feel like if that was what came up?

E: Excite.com I am the only person in the world who still uses this portal as their homepage.

F: Forums for The Sims Resource Why did my babydaddy die? Why?!?

G: GetReligion.org Great blog on religion.

H: Hard Right Good libertarian blogging. I agree with about 65% of his posts, but he did say that I was funny yesterday, so I like him regardless.

I: Instapundit Like he needs the traffic....

J: Jackson Miller Blogger who thinks it's in the Bible that we should steal music. We've been arguing. Actually, I've been leaving him scathing comments which he ignores. Same difference.

K: Kelly Blue Book Apparently Grover is worth just about the same amount that we put into repairing him.

L: Lileks

M: Mycropht This is actually here. I use my blogroll as a bookmark file, so I bounce back here alot. My name, which I use for my various ventures, comes from Sherlock Holmes.

N: Nashville Is Talking

O: Mac Development Center at O'Reilly Net

P: Patrick and Lydia

Q: Article on split financial decisions between gays and straights at Queery.com This topic fascinates me. I've watched my gay friends and coworkers spend their money totally different than me for years. I thought it was just me, but apparently it's a broader pattern.

R: Relapsed Catholic I got hooked on Kathy Shaidle during the Benedictine Conclave. Great reading for Protestants, too. Although I suspect that, like me, other protestants aren't as invested in the canonization of Karol Wojtyla John Paul II.

S: Lacy

T: The Sims Resource Fine furniture for fake friends.

U: For Better Or Worse I've been reading this comic for more than 10 years now. Enjoy it, but I pretty much hate all the April storylines, and not because Farley died while saving her. She's just a pinhead.

V: Lord's Prayer in Aramaic

W: Nashville Public Library

X: Nothing. Which is good. Most sites beginning with "X" are to boom-chaka-laka-boom for me.

Y: Yahoo

Z: Zoo Blogger Another Nashville blogger with an esoteric interest. She also blogs at The Scottish Blog .


At 11:54 PM, June 29, 2005, Anonymous tom said...

For a larf, try dictionary.cambridge.org. I prefer it's simplicity over dictionary.com.

For my geek quotient, I also recommend www.thefreedictionary.com. They promise no spyware or popups. They also have a very etu encyclopedia, i.e. www.encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com.


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