22 June, 2005

For Micah...

Poor Micah at the Apple Green Hills store had to wait on me today. I gave them cash money for Sims 2 Mac version, and the nice young fellow tried to upsell me on .Mac, which I've had and no longer use.

Me: "I think I kind of freaked Micah out back there..."

Tim: " Eh, maybe sorta a little bit."

Me: "I probably shouldn't have said ' Aspyr are bastards'"......

Tim: "Yeah, I think right about there is where you lost him."

So, Micah, wherever you are, I'm sorry for being eccentric in your store.


At 8:41 AM, June 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sims2. Ahhh. So addicting. It's
so much cooler than the original sims.
There's some hot sims outfits here. Have fun playing ;)

Found you guys via P&L ...

~ Lacy (from FBC)


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