24 June, 2005

I Am The Problem With Our Society

I studied Political Science and Philosophy in college, so I should really care a lot more about the whole European Union thing.

The thing is, I just don't. I hear people talk about it and I start to glaze over. Maybe it's from my religious background, with prophecy-junkies insisting that The Beast With 10 Heads in Revelation was some European common union. Maybe it's because I'm still angry about the whole Metric System debacle. [ Damn it, I want my Coke in pint bottles. Fie on your "half-litre" crap!!!!!] Whatever the cause, I find myself wholly unmoved to care about the wacky goings-on. I think when the dust settles, nationalism will win out, as it always has in Western Europe. I just hope that some nutjob doesn't decide to revive the Pagan traditions and start a Nationalist State Party. Again.


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