07 July, 2005

Next We'll Do Freebird

I'm actually taking requests. Either that or this is a veiled way to get me to shut up about London already. [I'm three chords away from Bruce Springsteen with the whole London thing as it is. ]

Shark week has been underwhelming me for awhile. It has become like the prom--all this hype, and you buy a new dress, still nobody really actually does anything. I first got into sharks when I was eight. I loved them and wanted to marry Robert Shaw. Aside from being the world's weirdest eight-year-old, I amassed quite a bit of knowledge about them. Anymore it seems like Shark Week is pretty basic. So, eh.

On to the Tour. Or, as it seems to be known the world over, Watch The Peleton Peddle Madly While We Focus On Lance. Or, as it is known in our house, Watch All Your Laws And Orders So We Have Room On The TiVo. (Law and Orders? Never can decide if that is a compound singular subject...Tim W., help!) Lance is a phenomenon, and is riding like he means it. It's bittersweet to watch, because as much as everyone talks up Vinikourov, and as strong a showing as Ulrich is putting on you know that this is the Last Lance. Team Discovery is rockin, though, and I am SO glad to see Georgie getting his props. I'd like to see Levi Leipheimer move up a bit in the standings. He's at 26, and well-enough recovered from the 2003 crash to do a decent run.

My new favourite, however, has to be Floyd Landis. He's the Mennonite boy from Lancaster. Always gotta root for the homies.

Lots of bloggers are blogging this Tour. If they aren't in France, I generally don't care, because OLN has topnotch coverage, but I do like TDF Blog.


At 10:35 AM, July 08, 2005, Blogger Patrick said...

Oh, certainly it could be the

Gosh Shouldn't We Have Taken Patrick Up On His Offer To Help Us Expand Our Tivo


Gee A Second Tivo Is Free When You Prepay Service And Since It's Our Second One, The $155.40 Would Last For 20+ Months.

Either one would help prevent this. :D

At 11:36 PM, July 08, 2005, Blogger Tim W. said...

Here I am! :)

What do I know, but I would say "Law and Orders" if I used this construction at all because Law and Order is the proper title of the show and you are pluralizing the title. However, because I'm a geek, I would probably say Law and Order episodes.

What's this about TiVo? I have a Series 2 box and I've expanded the heck out of it; let me know if I can be of service.

Regards, Tim


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