17 August, 2005

Letters About Literature Contest

The organizations that sponsor the Southern Festival of Books is having a Letters About Literature Contest. The email I received this morning says in part:

The contest invites students to write letters to authors-living or
dead-explaining how their works affected them personally. The contest has three competition levels. Level I is open to readers ingrades 4-6, who are asked to write letters of 100-250 words; Level II isopen to readers in grades 7-8, who are asked to write letters of 250-500 words; Level III is open to readers in grades 9-12, who are asked to write letters of 500-750 words.

There are any number of cash and prizes for the winners. The Deadline is 12/1/05.

If you know any young people, let them know about this opportunity.


At 7:45 AM, August 17, 2005, Blogger Michael said...

Can I write a letter to William Goldman, author of Lord of the Flies and say...

Dear Mr. Goldman,

In the 9th grade I was forced to read your novel, Lord of the Flies. Reading it and then spending weeks with my freshman English teacher reading symbolism and meaning into every stinking word changed my life. It helped me realize that for the most part, my English teachers were full of crap. I mean, come on...between you and me....you didn't have symbolism and meaning in mind and we all know you didn't pore over every work, thinking--should I use this one or that one? No, we all know you published this novel to make a buck or two and you secretly sit in your house at night wondering what that Stephen King does that makes his books fly off shelves while you sit there and torture unsuspecting high school students year after year with your novel.

Michael H


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