13 February, 2006

Fresh Meat, Nashville

I'm bad about maintaining my blogroll, because I don't like going into the Template and monkeying with the HTML. I'm drab that way. So if I've never added you and you want to be added, forgive me and let me know. I'll add you.

Anyway, I'm doing something I swore I'd never do (for a blog I don't directly participate in). I'm shilling for a stranger's blog.

I literally stumbled across it looking for something else, and was so dead impressed that I've spent 20 minutes there so far. In blogyears, that's a lifetime.

This guy is all about movies and music and has the whole thing wonderfully researched, fully linked and very well done through and through. His best feature is Musical Monday, which lists and links the tunes played in shows like Grey's Anatomy and Veronica Mars.

So, go check out Silly Pipe Dreams. It's fun.


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