16 February, 2006

*YAWN* (I Just Do This For Fun)

My gracious. Is every story in New York Magazine designed by the makers of Ambien? Because, honestly, this new piece on the Blogosphere takes six densely worded pages to say this:

It is almost impossible to get rich and/or famous by having a blog.

Well, thank you, cognescenti. I'm glad we have you (remotely) around to keep us informed of the latest news.

I never started blogging to get rich. I never started blogging to earn any money. By my count I'm up a couple hundred bucks at least, thanks to NiT. That's a good chunk more than I ever expected to get from this gig. I just figured it was slightly less insane that yelling at the tv all the time. Really. That's it. I like to write, and this is a way to write whatever I want on an immediate topic without having to craft a larger story scenario. It's a way for me to write about things I care about, what's on my mind that day. It's a way to be loosely a part of the world, to meet new and interesting people. I think back in the 1950s this sort of thing was called a 'hobby'.


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