11 April, 2006

Just Laugh

Someone scooped this blog in their net when searching for The Night The Bed Fell humor devices.

This is what I hate about studying English Lit.

First off, I love English Lit. I love everything about it. I love studying it and I love talking about it and thinking about it and tasting great words.

But I hate it, too. I hate it when you can't just sit back and enjoy a thing for what it is. When you have to carve it up into tiny pieces and figure out why Prufrock is the essence of temporality or why The Night The Bed Fell is one of the classic pieces of comic writing.

Sometimes you just need to laugh.


At 10:25 PM, April 12, 2006, Blogger Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

OMG, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Being an English major absolutely ruined reading for me, for a long, long time.


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