08 April, 2006

Storms In Hermitage

So far Hermitage has been only mildly scathed by the Weather we've had all afternoon. I'm up because I've designated myself as the family Twister Watcher. Tim has had an exhausting week, and can't afford to lose more sleep. So I'm staying glued to Wunderground and the TV to make sure that we're not on the route of the latest peril.

The lightning is fascinating. It's flashing different shades of day-brightness and makes everything look eerie for tenths of a second.

My dogs are terrified of storms in general, but lightning and thunder send them into full freak-out mode.

For the record, I have no idea how that 85lb. dog fit in that space between my desk and the wall.

It's very humbling to have a living being who thinks that you can have any effect on the weather. I know that I can't make the lightning stop. Every other sane being on the planet knows I can't make the lightning stop. Casey & Quinn, however, assume that the safest port in any storm is as close to me as possible. They seem to think that pressure on my feet or clawing at my arm will get me to make the flashes in the sky go away. I always feel like such a toadstool for letting them down.

I wonder if Tim is getting any sleep with them in the bedroom. Probably not. Part of me is tempted to make the whole family come down to the basement. But I probably won't.

If you are Mike, Ginger, Mark or Jill please let us know how you all are doing. We are worried.

Back to watching and praying.

Funny, but during these storm nights I kind of have an inkling for how the Israelites felt as they waited for the Angel of Death to pass over. Good way to go into Holy Week.


At 9:40 PM, April 09, 2006, Blogger Ginger said...

Thanks for your concerns and prayers! We are doing well. Mark and Jill are also doing well. Neither of us had any storm damage. The storm headed about 1/2 mile to a mile south of us.

We were without power from Fri 2pm until apparently late Sat night. Since NES told us that we would be out of power for a week and since we work from our home and all that work is done via computer, we chose to head to Louisville to stay with Mike's parents. We saved what stuff from the freezer and refrigerator we could carry in coolers to L'ville and threw the rest away.

We're back home now and thankful for the wonder of electricity.

Tell the boys Pyro said not to worry about the storms. However, fear the toaster!

Mike, Ginger, and Pyro

At 12:12 AM, April 10, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

You were mentioned in Sunday School today. (We were there for class but had to leave before service. )

We are so glad you all are safe. I was quite worried. Pardon me if I don't let the boys collect more things to fear. They're quite a bit heavier than Pyro. ;-p


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