27 June, 2006

Blogs I Miss

It's probably silly to link to defunct blogs, but I'm gonna anyway. These are all blogs that I read on a regular basis that have now become blogs that I can't read. Why? Because they are gone!

The Big Think
Jason's was one of the first 'private' (ie. non-Instapundit/LGF/Powerline) blogs I got into. Now it is defunct. I hope it's just server problems. I think maybe it is, because I emailed him and he's still responding to those emails.

Crap & Drivel
There's nothing like a well-written rant, and he has (had) some of the best.

Glen Dean
How can you not miss Glen Dean? Half the time he says exactly what I'm thinking. The other half he says exactly what you hope he wouldn't actually say out loud. Both halves made for good reading.

Pink Kitty
Yeah, I know she's moving and all. But please! Come back to us! Libertarian chicks are in short supply. There is an even shorter supply of belly-dancing libertarian chicks.

He didn't write often, but what he did write was good.

Bad Bad Ivy
Another busy woman. Sigh.


At 9:01 PM, June 27, 2006, Blogger Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

I am really, really sorry I'm not around so much. I am still blogging, I'm just doing it over on that OTHER website. Blah. BTW, I'm gonna email you about something, just a heads up, lol

At 2:07 AM, June 28, 2006, Blogger Sharon Cobb said...


At 2:18 AM, June 28, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

I thought you were kinda back...

At 2:52 AM, June 28, 2006, Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

No...just posted my video there because I took down the website.

If I did return to blogging, it would be after the primaries. A couple of campaigns are completely out of control, and have reached a new level of vicious, and that's not something I will participate in. (Best proposition ending in a preposition!)

At 11:58 AM, June 28, 2006, Blogger Miss O'Hara said...

Pink Kitty isn't defunct! She's just...moving. A good libertarian knows how to divide her time. I think you should just consider it recharging time for her. ;) I mean, if anything can teach one how loathsome government can be (other than a death in the family), it's moving.

At 12:02 PM, June 28, 2006, Blogger Pink Kitty said...

Sweetie, I can't tell you how much it means to me to see that I'm missed. It really is such a pick me up on a crappier than crap day. Such a God send!



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