26 June, 2006

Typhoon Blogoon

Welcome to the summer update, such as it is. I apologise for being a few days past the solstice, but I was busy trying to come up with a good excuse for being 4 days late on the reformatting. Then again, since no one had any idea I was going to do this, you only know that it's late because I'm admitting that it's late. Therefore I've shot myself in the foot. Yes, Katherine, you truly are the cleverest wench of your age.

My weekend started off nice, with the aforementioned unexpected trip to Mothership. Sunday, on the other hand, has not been kind to the Cobles.
See, English-speakers and writers. That's how you right write a collective noun. No FRIGGING APOSTROPHE BEFORE THE 'S'! Do we understand each other? And then there I was having a fit, and I made a grievous spelling error. Log in Eye! Log in Eye!
. Where was I? Oh yes. Bad Sunday. I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say we had good reasons the both of us for visiting the Church of the Holy Comforter. On a completely related note, Doan's Pills make Hubby very sleepy. Not that I noticed, as phenergan makes me very sleepy. Then again, if you need to take phenergan in the first place, being knocked out is a blessing. Speaking of knocked out, that nearly happened to a certain blogger when he posted the forbidden picture of me making a horrible face while reacting to a comment by Mark Rodgers at El Barco de Madre. But bless him thrice for taking it down. Lee, forget you ever saw anything.


At 6:03 AM, June 26, 2006, Blogger newscoma said...

Like your new layout.

At 9:52 AM, June 26, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

Well, thank you. I didn't set out to change them seasonally, but it's gotten to be about 3 months being as long as I can stand to look at any one template.... ;-p

At 11:06 AM, June 26, 2006, Blogger Lee said...

Saw what?


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