29 June, 2006

Castor, Pollux, And Feline Little Britches

Feline Little Britches wrote me a poem. (I've decided that is her Native American Name.)

Well, I assume it was at least partly to me, if not wholly so.

Which leads me to trying to explain why I spent so much time over at Superman's Fortress of Blogitude fighting over whether or not Terry and Roger can share custody of the Tennessee Republican Party.

Question one: Aren't Sarcastro and I supposed to be libertarians? Why do we care about the Tennessee Republican Party? Let's table that one for further discussion--it involves something about limited options and Tammany Hall. I think.

I was born in May. If I believed in Astrology--once I finished shooting myself for believing in Astrology-- I would think "hey, maybe we're on to something with this whole Sign thing" My sign is Gemini. The twins. Theoretically this means that I have two sides to my personality. While this is true, I think it is mere coincidence and not the fault of May 23rd itself.

Both twins are basically nice, genial fellows but Castor is infinitely more laidback and long-suffering. Castor is the one who says things like "I'm not going to allow this person to have mental and emotional power over me" and other such pop-psychisms. Castor is the one who comes up with good answers in Sunday Bible study and rescues stray dogs and donates money to needy people.

Pollux is the one who gets irritated very easily. Pollux is the twin who says things like "you are the prime evidence of the utter failure of our public school system" and enjoys watching Judge Judy scream at scared teenagers who sue their ex-boyfriends for unpaid cellphone bills. Pollux will point out that "15" does not mean 'multiples of' in the Express Lane, both to shame and annoy the people ahead of him at Kroger.

Castor truly cares about everyone, even the ones that annoy Pollux. I think Pollux cares too, but is far more churlish about it.


At 8:23 AM, June 29, 2006, Anonymous Sarcastro said...

Once a PoliSci Geek, always a PoliSci Geek, regardless of political affilliation.


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