28 June, 2006

I Call Bulls.....!

Right now I've just finished straightening the pictures on the wall above my desk and sliding the CDs back in the CD holder. And laughing hysterically.

The ad copy for the Bridgewater Subdivision off John Hager Road begins thusly.
You can live in a peaceful, country setting at BRIDGEWATER, our NEWEST community in Davidson County,

I used to be able to live in a peaceful, country setting at HAMPTON HALL, the TEN YEAR OLD community in Davidson County. That is until the Jones Co. decided to buy the adjacent farm land to grow family homes.

I have nothing against building family homes on farmland. In fact, I'd be a bit of a sanctimonious bitch if I did, seeing as how the house I live in was also built on fallow farmland. In a peaceful country setting.

But these people and their daily tribute to Alfred Nobel have blown this peaceful country setting to smithereens. Surely there is an explosive load they could use that doesn't rattle pictures on the walls in houses at least a half a mile away and create sinkholes in the common area behind those houses.

Who knew that progress had to be so percussive?


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