17 July, 2006

This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man

Good news for all us Nashvillians!

Louisville, KY is only 3 hours away.

And it is also the home of Lebowski Fest 2006! Tickets go on sale this Saturday.


At 10:24 AM, July 17, 2006, Blogger Lee said...

Any Nashvillian blogger that comes up will get the tour of the fun parts of Louisville. Good times folks.

At 5:11 PM, July 17, 2006, Blogger Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Interesting, my cousin lives in Louisville. And I LOVE the big lebowski. Hrm.

At 12:29 AM, July 18, 2006, Blogger squirrels_on_snark said...

I'ma luv me some Coen Bro flicks.
The Squirrel Queen is itchin' to own one of the official Fest T-shirts or posters.
The poster could almost tie a room together better than a rug.


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