11 July, 2006

Yes. Your Problem IS Very Serious.

Let me begin by saying that I only read Newsweek under duress, and in this case the doctor's waiting room qualifies. So while I'm trying to take my mind off some really grievious stuff I decided to flip through the only magazine available without a pregnant woman or fair-haired tyke on the cover.

That's how I found out about Emil's mother's horrible problem. Poor Emil! He has a congenital condition he cannot avoid or hope to change, and his aggreived mother suffers agony from it.

You see, Emil is a mixed-race (her description) child with fair skin. In the Philippines--his mother's country of origin--Emil's fair skin and caucasoid good looks make him a prime candidate for a highly lucrative modeling and acting career. His mother is torn. Should little Emil become the Moppet Of Manila or should she withhold her beautiful child as a protest against the racism inherent in the system?

In light of my personal problems I have to admit that the amount of sympathy I have to spare for such drama is trifling. As much as I want to be compassionate about the problems other people face, to even call this petty snivelling a "problem" is absurd.

To make matters even more dramatically worse, Emil's mother asserts that the driving force behind her desire to pimp out her child's good looks is
husband and I read that by the time our son goes to college in 16 years, his education will cost about $500,000. When we visited my parents last January, I asked my friends in the advertising industry if I could bring my son by their offices to take some test shots. I wondered if he could land a commercial for diapers, cereal or maybe ice cream.

Well, Mrs. Emil's Mom, since you asked...

Lady, your job as a parent involves more than the dispensing of ready cash. "College Money" is a rationalisation. You've got a Beautiful Child, and you want the ego strokes that come from people fawning over the elfin-featured toddler. You're so eager to enjoy the attention on a grander scale, and to be a celebrity in the country that once made you feel second-class for your dark skin and wide nose that you will risk emotional trauma to your little boy. Don't use college money as an excuse.


At 5:07 PM, July 11, 2006, Blogger SistaSmiff said...

My nephews (on Mr. Smiff's side) are half Japanese. One of them has spent two summers modeling in Japan because his look is quite in demand. His mother (Japanese and divorced from his father) is really pushing for him to go back and spend three years modeling over there. I think it's part of some plot to get him in her homeland and to get back at his father. (I'm really paranoid now about using "ands" in sentences I know you'll read! Hee hee. No English degree here)

Nephew Smiff is 22 years old, has some college under his belt and has worked in construction, electrical work, plumbing, etc the last few years, developing some great skills. I think, for his future, to go to Japan for three years would not be the wisest thing to do. I hope he stays here, continues his education/apprentices to give him some security later. Modeling isn't going to do that.

This is the same mother who insisted he and his brother go to Hume Fogg when really, they weren't interested in it, nor really the right material. It messed him up, grade wise...all because of Mother's selfish desires more than what's best for her son, that she basically abandoned.

Didn't mean to babble, but, it irritates me.


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