18 January, 2007

Things On My Desk

Today's boring post is a list of things on my desk. I really wish I hadn't promised myself I'd write every weekday, because that means you all get to read things like "a list of things on my desk." But we'll try to make it interesting, okay?

A Stack Of Computer Games In Their Boxes

Now that they've started packaging games in the Trade Paperback size (instead of the Hardcover Size) I'm back to keeping the boxes. I know it sounds crazy, but it makes me feel slightly more justified for spending $39-$49 for the game. When the boxes were bigger I think we were supposed to throw the box away and keep the jewel cases. Somehow a jewelcase screams "$8.99!!!" to me. But these nice clamshell boxes have more gravitas. Of course, I also have a cheap CD case stacker that holds all the games in jewelcases. I'm embarrassed at the price of a junker car represented by that stack of junk.

Sims Manuals

Both the OFB and Nightlife manuals are on my desk. Why? Because the games take forever to load, and I page through the pamphlet-sized suckers while I wait for them to power up. Of course, since I haven't played Sims since October, you'd think I could put these away. Hah! What fools you anal mortals be!

Three Hair Elastics

When I'm working around the house I'll often braid my hair or pull it back into a ponytail. Inevitably when I sit down to my desk I'll get sick of having my hair back and take it down. Hence the logjam of ponytail holders.

My Dead Cellphone

Yeah. Not a good idea to plug a cellphone into the adapter for your portable CD player. !!BZZZZT!!!

A Bottle Of PetRelief Anti-Itch Spray

It's Veternarian Approved!! My stupid dog won't sit still to have me put this on him. Lucky for me he has a regal blue pillow down under the corner of my desk where he likes to lounge. I will occasionaly stealth-squirt him with this stuff while he's distracted by his own laziness. Of course, I can't do it too often or he'll avoid the pillow altogether. It's totally random. Yeah. I'm gonna make a great parent some day.

A Sticky Note With Holly's Cell On It.

I really need to call her.

My Ghost Earrings From Halloween

Have I mentioned that I'm not really good with the "putting stuff away" thing?

Two Happy Meal Pigs

They were promotional items from "Babe". I love pigs, so they sit on my desk to remind me that I love pigs. In case I forget.

A Glass Hershey's Kiss

One of my former co-workers gave me this for a Christmas present. It was my first year as an assistant for that particular company. I spent a lot of time doing thankless tasks. This particular thing was the nicest present any of my 5 bosses gave me. One of these days I'll work in a company where they give you things like gift certificates for ham. Until that glorious day I have my little glass Kiss. It IS pretty. But you can't buy a ham with it.

A Bottle Cap From Boylan's Black Cherry Soda

Seriously need to work on the "putting stuff away" thing

A Lava (rip off) Lamp

Let me be clear. This particular one is not a Lava® Brand Lamp, but a Spencer Gifts Knock Off. That may explain why the lamp--which started as blue water with white lava--is now clear water with grey lava. I'm toying with throwing it out. Because it's moved from Serene to Uggo.

A Bottle Of Contact Lens Wetting Solution

Hey. You know what? I oughtta give this to Hubs. I can't even wear contacts anymore. I sometimes wish I could, but I've been wearing glasses for 25 years now. My face feels very out-there-naked if I'm wearing contacts. I live in perpetual fear of some random person walking up and poking me in the eye. Of course, the fact that I have bad allergies also has something to do with it. But I'll stick with the "fear of random eye poking" as my no-contacts excuse.

Besides. The last time I wore contacts people kept telling me I needed to lay off the pot. I swear the redness was totally allergies.

My Cordless Phone

I love these phone sets where you have three phones on a main base. Now whenever I want to harrass my husband upstairs I just dial Intercom 2. How cool is that?

Two Cups Full Of Markers

I love colour. It cheers me up. For that reason I collect markers reflexively. I think I have about 35. They'd be excellent for writing those notes that the cheerleaders used to give the Basketball team on game day. You know, where they'd use like 5 colours to write one word? Those notes. As it is now I just use them for phone messages. I think my husband hates the light blue on pink paper ones. You can't read them without a CSI team.

A Cow

I think he's lonely. He's my only one-of-a-kind stuffed animal. All the others come in pairs.

A Paddington Bear

Paddington is very underrated. For some reason Pooh gets all the press, even though he's like Paddington's cousin who got stuck in the Remedial Studies class.

8 Monkeys

I love monkeys. Now that my PC has moved back upstairs I can have my giant 4 foot tall Love Monkey sitting on my desk. I really should put a printer there. But the monkeys make me smile. Printers just make me curse. I really hate printers.

Anyway, there you go. A Brief Tour of my desk and the clutter that lives therein. I promise I'll really try to come up with some politician I hate or some rant about the grocery store to make this like a real blog.


At 10:05 AM, January 18, 2007, Anonymous nm said...

I just gotta ask how big your desk is so I can visualize this the right way.

At 11:23 AM, January 18, 2007, Blogger Michael said...

One thing that I found interesting back in the day I worked for a software distribution company was how the size of the box a game or product came in was equal to the price charged. There was this perception that a bigger box meant the game was worth more and it justified paying more for it.

At 6:35 PM, January 18, 2007, Anonymous Muffy said...

Pig trivia: As of Feb 19th, it'll be the Year of the Pig. AND.. pigs are good luck in Austria!

I love pigs too :)


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