15 March, 2007

Just To Clarify: It Wasn't An Ostrich

I had a wierd moment of cognitive dissonance when we started to watch Lost last night. Watching Charlie make a breakfast fruit plate for Claire it struck me that this no longer feels like the show I started watching three seasons ago. That show was about a group of people thrown together in a harsh circumstance and trying to make the best of it.

I have no idea what this current program is about. But I am glad that we're no longer solely focused on the Other Zoo.

The Oceanic 48 are the ones that make this program worth watching. (Well, 46 of them. I could do without Nikki and Paulo. It doesn't help that Paulo is played by the same dude who so bores me to death as Karl in Love, Actually. )

I liked a whole lot about tonight's episode.

--Minimal Jack
--Much time with many of the original Lostaways
--A really great flashback. I had been spoiled on the big reveal, yet I still enjoyed the story.

I have two complaints.

First off, I really wish someone would smack Locke upside the head with a shovel. He keeps destroying anyone or anything that may involve getting some answers. Last week he blew up a bunch of cows as if they were nothing. Forget a source of meat and milk; it's all kablooie for Locke. What's even worse is that he has this really grating look of feigned ignorance every time he destroys something. As though he were a bumbling idiot. Unfortunately we know better and that makes the whole thing ten times worse, because it's obvious that he's playing everyone for fools in order to meet some unstated personal objective. Which is yet another thing for which we don't have answers.

My second issue is with the 'note' that Claire wrote. This thing was supposed to be attached to a tagged "sea bird" that would eventually fly into the hands of a rescue party. It was a small "sea bird"--roughly the size of a young chicken. The note, however, was approximately nine thousand words long. It started off okay with the basic details and then--much like the show's scripts of late--meandered into the most MySpace emo navelgazing possible. The only thing missing was full lyrics to the last My Chemical Romance Album. Miraculously this very long note fit on a smallish scrap of paper which Charlie then rolled up and attached to the waterfowl. Yes, that's right. I don't think they had any protective case for the message. I truly wonder how they expect a sea bird to get the note to civilisation without waterlogging it. Again, much like Lost scripts of late, the note was sent on its way with no one thinking through the ramfications.


At 9:33 AM, March 15, 2007, Anonymous Sarcastro said...

Nice pun in the title.

My thoughts regarding the big reveal, the dumbass note with no apparent means to secure it to a migratory sea bird and minimal Jack/Kate interaction are well represented by this post.

At 11:16 AM, March 15, 2007, Blogger Sam Davidson said...

Well put. I thought the last two episodes have been light years ahead of the rest of this season.

I think Locke is foiling things because he doesn't want to leave. He was paralyzed off of the island, and therefore wants to stay.

I'm right with you on the note. I said the same thing about its length while watching last night.

Next week looks good with the Ben/Locke showdown.


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