23 June, 2005

Depression, Anyone?!

This Nina Simone song is on one of my regular playlists, and it's very pretty. The lyrics are almost so depressing, though, that it's actually funny.

Compassion a/k/a Compensation

Because I have loved so deeply
Because I haved loved so long
God in his great compassion
Gave me the gift of song

Because I have loved so vainly
Sung with such faltering breath
Oh, oh, oh, the master in
His infinite mercy
Offers the boon of death


At 10:50 PM, June 23, 2005, Blogger Chez Bez said...

Nice reads. I came your way via NashvilleIsTalking and am happy I did. That is one of my fave Nina Simone songs up there. Pick up her autobio if you can. I Put A Spell On You - available at our Nashville library.

Be well.

At 4:10 PM, March 28, 2007, Anonymous La BellaDonna said...

I actually think it's perfect, in its way. There is nothing more painful than love.

I'm still waiting for the boon.


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