29 June, 2005

Red Vs. Blue--The Musical

At the risk of pulling a South Park Conservatives slash Hank Hill pop culture interpretation of our current politcal climate, I have been struck by a realization.

The encapsulation of the differences between Red Vs. Blue are nicely summed up from both points of view in one tidy little package.

The Music Man

River City-zens are the Red Staters.

But what the heck, you're welcome
Join us at the picnic
You can have your fill
Of all the food you bring yourself.
You really ought to give Iowa a try.


But, we'll give you our shirt
And a back to go with it
If your crops should happen to die

Like Red Staters everywhere (I'm proudly one, a born and bred Hoosier) they believe in hard work, self-respect and minding one's own business. If any one is in truly dire straits, however, a Red Stater will step in, if it means rebuilding your barn or your national infrastructure.

Marian the Librarian is a Blue-Stater. Red-Stater by birth and upbringing she is ashamed of what she sees as the provincial nature of her hometown.

Now, Mama
As long as the Madison Public Library was entrusted
to me for the purpose of improving River City's
cultural level, I can't help my concern that the
ladies of River City kep ignoring all my council and advice

Mayor Shin, with his "Last Days of Pompee-eye" speech is none other than George W. Bush of course.

Then there's Harold Hill. Or, as I like to call him, the MSM. Who else inflates non-issues to work up unsuspeting people into a frenzy for his un-researched flim-flam?

Now one fine night they leave the pool hall
headin' for the dance at the Armory
Libertine men and scarlet women and ragtime
Shameless music that'll grab your son, your daughter
into the arms of a jungle animal instinct- massteria!
Friends, the idle brain is the devil's playground, trouble!

Townspeople: Oh, we got trouble

Of course, I won't even touch the issue of the romance between Blue States and MSM...

There you go again with the same old comment
About the low mentality of River City people
And takin' it all too much to heart.

Or perhaps I shouldn't listen to musicals while I play the Sims.


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