29 June, 2005

You Kids Keep Off My Lawn

iTunes has just made me feel like the crankiest old beech alive.

A) I don't care about the "Free Download of the Week" and never seem to, because it's always some suburban homeboy krep.

B) Civilization is over. The latest evidence of this is Jessica Simpson's abysmal Suburban Homeboyesque cover of the best Chick's Takin' Out The Trash song of all time. For those who think that "I Will Survive" is the best CTOTTSOAT, I merely have to say this:Would you rather tell your ex that he needs to walk out the door but you'll still be okay or that you are gonna grind your stiletto heels into his liver?


At 12:10 AM, June 30, 2005, Anonymous tom said...

Jessica took my Daisy Duke from me and now my Nancy Sinatra!


calming back down...

Have you ever heard I Will Survive done by the group Cake? Check out 'Fashion Nugget' on iTunes. They also have a good cover of the old lounge song, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.


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