26 July, 2005

Half Blood Prince Survey *SPOILERS*

I promised my take on the latest Harry Potter book. The Harry Potter For Grownups group has circulated this survey, and I'm reposting it here, with my answers.

If you've read the book and have an opinion, please post the survey to your blog and link back here. I think it'd be fun to get even more opinions. We have to have something to do for the next two years.

Warning. This is LOADED with spoilers.

***Spoilers Inside. Don't Send Howlers*******

1) Is Dumbledore truly dead?

K: Yes, I think so. After the speech he gave in the first book about death being the next great adventure to those with a well-ordered mind, I think that it would be a shame for him to not approach death honorably.

2) Do you believe Snape betrayed Dumbledore?

K: I honestly cannot make up my mind. I think that regardless of whatever backstory exists about the AK curse on the Lightning Struck Tower, he did betray DD on some level.

3) Are Lupin & Tonks really a couple or is this a red herring?

K: Yes, they really are a couple, and an adorable one. Why does no one want to believe this?

4) Who loved Snape? Has Snape loved anyone?

K: I think Snape has loved Lily and LV

5) Will any of the trio die?

K: No. I hope not. I've had a hard enough time with DD's death. Losing any of HRH would really ruin the series for me.

6) Will Harry & Ginny reunite?

K: Yes. I think that the love they have for each other will be instrumental in LV's defeat.

7) Will any/all of the trio go back to Hogwarts for book 7?

K: Yes, but not permenantly. There's too much going on in the world. Besides, how on earth is Flitwick going to be able to keep Harry's attention when he's constantly running off to find Horcruces?

8) Is Harry's scar a horcrux?

K: I hope not. I think it is something like horcrux backwash. Basically, LV had already split his soul so much that when the AK backfired and almost killed him, some of his traits and talents rebounded into Harry.


Snape told Dumbledore that LV intended to make Harry a Horcrux and LV and Snape spent the Famous Missing 24 Hours destroying the Horcrux part of Harry already, thus leaving him with the scar. This could also be the reason why DD trusts Snape.

9) Why wasn't Fawkes seen in any of DD's memories?

K: Cause he wasn't there. My dogs aren't with me everywhere I go......

10) Which major characters are most likely to die in book 7?

K: Hagrid. And hopefully Voldemort.

11) Will DD's portrait be able to help Harry?

K: Yes. If only for exposition's sake. I think the fact that the portrait is sleeping is one of the most touching Christian images in the book. Several times in the New Testament we are told that those who have passed on are not dead, but asleep. That's God's way of telling us there is more to come. Dumbledore's portrait is "sleeping" in the same way.

12) What role will McGongall play in book 7?

K: Trying to hold Hogwarts together.

13) Will Harry go back to the Dursley's as he is supposed to?

K: Yes. He has to find out Petunia's secret. I still think that the person she overheard telling Lily about the Dementors was Snape, NOT James.

14) Will the DA or OOTP reform to help Harry?

K: Yep. Except that I wasn't aware the OOTP ever broke up.

15) Will Wormtail repay his lifedebt?

K: Of course. Maybe not intentionally, but he will.

16) Will the imprisoned Deatheaters escape from Azkaban?

K: Of course. Don't they always? Besides, there has to be a showdown with Lucius.

17) Will Kreature hinder or aid Harry if he appears in book 7?

K: Both, but any aid will be reluctant.

18) What is your take on Harry having "his mothers eyes"?

K: We saw the significance already with Harry using the resemblance to lure Slughorn back to Hogwarts.

19) Did Snape actually help LV at Godric's Hollow?

K: I think that's the key to the Famous Missing 24 Hours.


At 4:19 PM, July 26, 2005, Anonymous Muffy Wong said...


OH man you have no idea how relieving it is to find someone who shares my theories on the book.

I truly believe that Snape is not a true Death Eater. I also believe a lot of other things but your answers are helping me come to terms with the fact that I finished the book and that I have to wait so long for book 7.

Clearly, I have issues.

At 7:24 AM, July 27, 2005, Blogger Michael said...

I've been thinking a bit about Babylon Five of late and as I was reading the latest HP book and came to Snape's "betrayal" I thought of the season four arc of B5 where Garibaldi "betrays" Sheridan and company...but it's because of an implanted personality by PsiCorp to do that...I kept wondering if Snape might not be the same..he's playing along and has to kill DD in order ensure that he can get close to he-who-will-not-be-named and help Harry kill him. I wonder if there will be some redemption for Snape in the final chapter-maybe even in death.

And man, at least with the Dark Tower books we only had to wait six months for the conluding volume...I have a feeling it's gonna be a loooooong couple of years as JK Rowling writes the next installment (of course, she could write an ep of the new Dr Who in there....I literaly get all a twitter thinking of all the young HP fans who might tune into the good Doctor cause JK wrote an epiosde and discovering how great Dr Who is).

At 5:37 PM, July 27, 2005, Blogger Kat Coble said...

It is gonna be at least 2 years, because JKR has said she wants to spend time with her family. Please. Like spending time with her new baby is some kind of meaningful endeavour! pfft!


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