23 March, 2006

Danger Zone

I am watching Top Gun on DVD. I've probably seen this movie a dozen times, but not at all within the last ten years. I have no idea what posessed me to put it on my Netflix Queue, yet I did and now feel obligated to sit through it.

Man, this movie is a time capsule! Everything, from the Harold Faltermeyer soundtrack to the Evil Russians screams mid-eighties and takes me right the heck back to high school. This movie came out right after I got my driver's license. I had the casette tape of the soundtrack and blared it when I'd take off down the road alone in my Mercury. Highway To the DANGERZONE!!!! Yes, there was little difference between a crack Naval Aviator and a 16 year old cruising down the Indiana backroads.

I'm struck by how young (and thin) everyone in the movie looks. It's reassuring to think that even actors can't hold the thickening of their middle years at bay.

I also feel very sorry for poor Anthony Edwards. Must he always be doomed to die from some sort of head trauma? It's like his characters are great mythical annoying beasts that can only be put down by a direct wound to the brain.


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