06 March, 2006


--Does anyone know where my camera battery charger is? I seriously need it because I want to take stupid pictures of my feet and my desk and my Christmas lights.

--Why do I keep watching Cool Runnings. Is it because I love John Candy? Is it because I'm inspired by them carrying the sled across the finish line in the final race? I think maybe it's because the slow-clap-building-to-a-loud-fast-clap has made me cry since I first saw it in Brubaker.

--I realise that even though I was indifferent to the Oscars this year, I miss having an Oscar party. I liked getting fancy cheese and cakes and drinks and enjoying the bit of luxury and fun. Really, though, as I said in the comments somewhere else (here? Connie Lane's? I can't remember) the whole ambience was ruined when they moved the awards up a month. They are now too close to February to really have that same party atmosphere. Maybe next year I'll have a party regardless. I'm in the mood for a party.

--I changed my blog picture. It now features my fiberglass frog statue--Salmon Croak-ette. I call him that because he's a frog but he looks flirtatious. My brain is scary.

--My gas bill was under $200. I guess keeping the heat at 68 degrees will save you money. Of course, no one has seen my sock bill....

--Today my dog (Quinn) came to get me at my desk. He made me go upstairs. He then stood by the front door, urging me to open it. Turns out he now recognises the mailman, and expects me to go directly outside to get the mail. Thanks, Netflix.

--It's Monday. I didn't sleep very much last night. I think that is evidenced by the fact that I got precious little done today. Except blogging. I did do that. Whee. Like that's a task.

--Sorry, Michael, I don't think I'm as excited about Dr. Who as I should be. I am going to miss BSG too much.


At 8:48 AM, March 07, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

Well, you'd best start getting excited cause the new Dr Who will rock your socks off!

Trust me....I've seen it


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