17 April, 2006

Free Speech? REALLY?

I'm writing about this AGAIN, so it looks like I care more than I do. Honest. I don't care that much. But seeing as how someone actually said this, I need to get something off my chest.

Firstly, Kopp continues to delete comments. Which in the grand scheme of things matters about as much to everyone as the fact that I hate to wear pantyhose. But then Kopp, reborn after his own Miracle of Fatima®, said this to Bill Hobbs:

Note to "Mo Toons" Hobbs:
Deleting moronic statements like yours from my blog and anywhere else is a form of free speech I intend to exercise freely and openly. You are quite literally "yesterday's news."

The three words that had me reeling were these: AND ANYWHERE ELSE

Does Mr. Kopp truly believe that censoring any speech of others with which he takes exception constitutes an exercise of HIS free speech? Because that's how I read it. Is this Bredesen staffer going to be the sole arbiter of what constitutes non-moronic speech?


At 10:55 AM, April 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Free Speech" is reference to the 1st amendment which protects an individual FROM THE GOVERNMENT. "Free Speech" should not be confused with the forces of a free-market economy which is usally the case whenever you see someone whining about it!

This is actually what I find extremely disturbing about this entire mess. Kopp is part of an organiztion hired by Bredesen. Bredesen IS the Government. Kopp, whle employed by the governor, took and individual citizen's expression of speech and exploited it with the intention of doing damage to that individual.

Unlike all those whiny calls of "free speech" by the uninformed this one well might have merit. Someone should be asking some questions, some of which should be asked of the governor's office. Kopp should be in deep, deep, do do.



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