14 April, 2006

I'll See Your Google SMS and RAISE You

Busy Mom has the 411 on Google SMS search. Very interesting indeed.

But I'd like to humbly submit that a nice little company with Nashville connections, UpSnap has offered similar things for awhle now. With UpSnap you can also get such delightful things over your cellphone (ANY CELLPHONE) as:


The SWiNG technology behind UpSnap's audio delivery was invented here in Nashville.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I do have very personal ties to the company.


At 3:56 PM, April 19, 2006, Blogger bigBADbobby said...

4INFO (shortcode 44636) has a similar mobile search text message offering, but provides several additional services that Google does not: text alerts (sports, weather, stocks), fantasy stats ("kobe bryant" "jaromir jagr"), flight times ("swa san jose san diego") and a beta version of mobile download search. All these services can be accessed via SMS (44636), WAP at http://wap.4INFO.net , or at http://www.4INFO.net.

Why 4INFO instead of Google?
“When asked recently for the address of a trendy downtown Manhattan club called Butter, both 4INFO and Yahoo! located it on the first try. But Google sent back results better suited to baking.”
- Wendy Widman, Forbes.com


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