13 June, 2006

Bob Corker II: Junk Mail Boogaloo (Sorry, Rex)

I know that Rex is the owner of the Boogaloo nomenclature, so forgive my borrowing. I realise that he may retain a lawyer, as that seems to be in fashion these days. Rest assured, Rex, that should I receive an attorney's C&D letter regarding "boogaloo" I shall comply.

Bob Corker sent me more mail today. Four-color print, folded tabloid, glossy paper. Professionally designed. Apparently he wants me to be aware that he, Bob Corker, will not let immigrants come into the country illegally. He communicates this resolve by standing at a torn barbed-wire fence with a look of consternation. "Look at this broken fence!" he scowls. "It is the source of ALL YOUR PROBLEMS!!!!" Apparently when Bob is done having his Serious Pictures taken with The Broken Fence he will then set about making sure all of my problems go away.

Funnily enough I don't recall Bob as being overly-concerned with all the immigration problems a few years ago. I appreciate that he is willing to take pictures of broken fences and mail them to me at a very high premium. But I still swear that his attitude of "throw money at it" is going to keep me from voting for him.

These brochures cost a lot of cash.


At 5:10 PM, June 13, 2006, Blogger Lesley said...

Bob Corker's mama left a message on a Memphis friend's answering machine. That makes me so glad I don't have a land line.

At 5:22 PM, June 13, 2006, Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Feel free to incorporate "boogaloo" into as much as you'd like. I don't think I have a legal leg to stand on anyway, as it was originated by the makers of the "Breakin'" film franchise. They tried to get me to stop using it, but I soundly defeated them in a "dance off" and thus ended any legal action on their part.

At 2:00 PM, June 14, 2006, Anonymous joe public said...

I'm glad to hear you so soundly trounced the "Breakin" film franchise, and in the most appropriate manner: because they, too, were falsely claiming origin.

Check out Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones and his funky guitar mastery.

And hear this: I'm not even saying that Ivan himself was the creator of this most excellent term. He did, however, predate "Electric Boogaloo" by some years.


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