04 July, 2006


These are the random thoughts I've had about Independence Day today. In the spirit of Independence Day I will be denying myself the ability to use the delete key. (My sister seems really fond of these 'no delete' posts.)

First off, no one is truly independent. Everyone relies on something, even if it's just the basic food-clothing-shelter or the more complex Sugar Daddy. We rely on electricity, clean water, gasoline, paved roads, God, and/or liquor. So those who would give stirring speeches about the Freedom of Man should realise that freedom of does not mean freedom from. You are free to choose your responsibility, but you must ultimately be responsible--even if only to your own needs.

So North Korea shot off some missles. I can't pretend to tell you what the ultimate outcome of this will be, although in the two hours since it's happened I've heard and read more brains on the subject, all who seem to be playing the 'get my opinion on the record so I'll look wise and get called again by the Network.' It's either nothing or it's world war III. My guess is that it'll be somewhat worse than nothing, but quite a bit less than WWIII. But I'm betting we'd better hope they don't strike against China, because then how could we all shop at Walmart? We may be independent, but we still want cheap shampoo.

The world will go on, much as it always has. Man, it must have been really hot in Philadelphia in 1776. Franklin's delirious remarks about the rising/setting sun on the back of the chair are a testament to both the crazy heat and his rising lunacy. Franklin may have been a genius, but I'm betting he was a nutty, arrogant psycopath. Who else flies kites in the rain and thinks up the post office? Proof right there that the man was plumb doodly. We went to Independence Hall when I was a kid. I just remember everything being painted that uniform bluish greenish gray colour. After a few days in that room I'd be begging to hang separetely.

Is Superman Gay? Who cares. Frankly I think everyone in Metropolis is stupid since they can't tell that it's Clark Kent without glasses. So I'm guessing if Superman were truly gay he could wear a rainbow flag shirt, hook an ABBA-playing iPod to his belt and tattoo 'I Heart Bears' on his bicep without the people of Metropolis even wondering for one second about his sexual preference. I can see the boys of Smallville stopping by the Kents' house for a movie marathon of Al Pacino in 'Cruisin'', followed by Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin without thinking twice. Nuance is an art long-lost on the people in the Superman world.

Speaking of nuance, here's the part where I rail on food stamps. Yes, I know it makes no sense, but I couldn't come up with a segue. Oh and thanks to the people who invented the personal scooter because now I always want to spell it 'segway'. Branding has triumphed! Anyway, food stamps. So I'm at the Kitty-cat store (what we call Food Lion in my family, because like Franklin I'm half nuts) and the woman in front of me buys four cases of soda, a cake, hot dogs, buns, ice cream, whipped cream, cookies, frozen pizza and twinkies. She pays for this with food stamps. (Which now actually look like a Food Debit Card.) The libertarian in me thinks that what she buys is her business. But the taxpayer in me is really ticked off. I think that when we are told that our money is being taken from us by force to feed the hungry, we have a certain level of peace about it because we picture starving children drinking frosty glasses of milk while eating an apple. I personally don't think of cakes, twinkies and Tropicana Fruit Soda as the largesse I would like to provide to the hungry. People, if you must use food stamps--and I understand the need is very real for many people--buy food that will nourish your body and brain so that your kids can do well in school and get good jobs and hopefully avoid prolonged periods of eating on the country's dime.

You're independent, but not independent enough to pay for your own groceries--so don't whine when we ask you to buy smarter.


At 10:12 AM, July 05, 2006, Blogger Chance said...

That's one issue with the growth of Medicare/Medicaid. As the government takes more and more care of us, they have a vested interest in what we do. I agree with what you said. Morally, one should use food stamps for what they actually need, and we have a vested interest in what we spend as taxpayers. At the same time, its an argument against growth of gov't programs, because even though an individual may not be on the gov't dime, the gov't still regulates what they do (driving with a helmet, eating healthy), because they may be on the gov't dime some day.

At 1:17 PM, July 06, 2006, Blogger Mommy2Lots said...

Love the Wal-Mart/China comment- so true LOL.

You're funny but serious at the same time.

btw, I posted a LONG comment to your subject on Homeschool from way back. You posted it on may 19. I posted the comment about a week or so ago, don't know if you saw it or not. Just thought you may want to see another perspective.


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