08 August, 2006

Where Is The Memorial?

As Aunt B. mentioned the other day, Oliver Stone has a World Trade Center movie coming out soon. Tomorrow, I think. Doesn't matter to me because I'm not gonna go. You couldn't pay me to see that movie.

But Stone made it because he thinks that we are in danger of forgetting 9/11.

Forgetting. 9/11.

I think I'll pass over the ludicrousness and folly of that statement. But I do want to know one thing.

Why have we forgetton the World Trade Center? Why isn't anything rebuilt yet? They can't even get the memorial off the ground. All the talk in the weeks immediately post 9/11 was about getting new and taller towers up there as fast as possible. There were the towers shaped like a fist giving the finger, the taller towers, the smaller yet prettier towers, etc.

Five years later there's still a hole in the ground.

It's like America. Five years later we still have this gaping hole and all we seem to be able to do is pick pick pick at it. TV movies about the pain. Oprah shows about the pain. Books and History Channel specials and songs and arguments about who hurts worse and who hurts too much and whose made too much money and who hasn't made enough. And now movies in the theatre about the pain. Let's pick at the scab some more and bring Junior Mints along for the fun of it.

And yet five years later there is still a hole in the ground.


At 1:33 PM, August 08, 2006, Blogger dolphin said...

The memorial isn't there because people are too damn uptight. As tempted as I am to blame it on the uber-conservative who like using ground zero as a background shot for their campaign ads, I'll refrain at this time (though I think that case can be made). Everytime somebody comes up with an idea, somebody else screams that that idea is offensive. There are those who want to put things like museums, etc there to bring life back into the area as a tribute to how America can bounce back and terrorists may temporarily disrupt our lives but they can't stop it. Others think that bringing too much life back into the area is disrepectful to the dead and would prefer to see a solemn and mournful graveyard type memorial.

I tend to agree with the first idea but I think whatever they go with, if they just build it any controversary that might exist will vanish within a year of it's completion.

At 3:28 PM, August 08, 2006, Blogger W said...

I won't speak on memorials, but I can tell you this... building any sort of tower is a mass of planning, design, and architecture that can not be done over night. Five years isn't that long in the design life of a huge skyscraper. That's not to even mention the huge financial obligation to build a skyscaper.

Look at how long they've been wrangling to build the little skyscrapers in downtown Nashville. It hasn't been five years yet, but the signature tower is still a parking lot. And that's here where you don't have nearly as much going on as NYC.

Plus, dolphin is right.


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