18 September, 2006

The Expanded Universe

I realised something at church yesterday. In a very pathetic way I have become much like the most recent Star Wars Trilogy. People who know me in "real life" are free to greet me and talk to me as they always have. But if they want to know the backstory--if they want all the details of my week--they read my blog.

I had more than one moment of weirdness where folks in the middle of conversations alluded to something I hadn't brought up that morning but had written about here. It's as though the blog is the comics and the animated series approved by Creative Director George Lucas. If you read my blog you'll find out that General Grievous was a lot worse than he seemed in Episode III. I sincerely hope that my real life isn't as yuck-o as Episodes 1-3, but there are times I feel as annoying as Jar-Jar Binks.

At lunch I told my theory about The Expanded Universe to some friends. They questioned whether the live me was the real me or the blog me. I said "this [live me] is the real [one]" without thinking. Or using brackets. I did think about it some more and I have to say that I really do think it's all me. When I set out to write this blog it was to be a completely honest writing exercise. I use my real name and I write the way I talk. I don't embellish things to "make the story better" and I try to be really honest about my emotions. Even on days where I'm really cranky and probably shouldn't be having a yard sale.

So if you meet up with me in real life you'll be surprised with the thrilling action sequences and the dazzling special effects and the makeup. But you still get a pretty good handle on the overall story and characters over here.

And once again I'm awake way too early.


At 10:06 AM, September 18, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

I've met you in person and you are no Jar Jar Binks, my friend.


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