24 October, 2006


Opry Mills is a ghost town on Monday afternoon. This is our year to have a low-key (i.e. stay at home) vacation in lieu of the hilarity of Disney World. So yesterday it was off to The Mills Corp. Entertainment Mall Experience for a bit of vacation-away-from-vacation activity. We haven't been there all summer, so the current state of affairs was eye-opening.

Some observations--

~The public restrooms at the Food Court are nas-tee. Out of all the stalls there (I think there are 15) only one of them was flushed. And that door was broken. I went to the bathroom in Barnes & Noble. (Hey, I bought two books there. I paid for clean toilets!)

~It's kind of sad to see Tower Records going out of business.

~Apparently "Jillian's" is now "Dave & Buster's". I have no idea what the other difference is. I imagine neither Dave nor Buster decided to lower prices, so it probably still costs $30 for two people to glow-bowl for an hour. This is not Lebowski's bowling.

~Farethewell, Alabama Restaurant. When we were there yesterday, work crews were pulling the "Alabama" off the wall. I never ate there, so I don't know if I'll miss the food. Apparently I'm not alone in the "never ate there" category, seeing as they're shutting down. I do know that I will not miss the sketches of the band members that hung in the entry way. They seemed cartoonish and a bit amateur--as though they were drawn by a 17-year old relative who has some art talent but very little training.

~The Banditos Mexican restaurant next to Barnes & Noble is not that great. And they got a 67 on the health inspection. I didn't know you could stay open with a 67. Oh well. The food was still okay....not fantastic though. And we had a coupon.

~I love the Stingray Reef experience, but they need to clean the tank. That entire stage area surrounded by B&N, Aquarium Restaurant, Banditos and the Reef smells like urine. Somehow I doubt that drunk uncle/sick cat odor comes from the bookstore.

~The Prestige is an awesome movie. It was smart, entertaining and atmospheric. The perfect fall film.

~The theatre is bragging about showing the original Halloween on halloween. But the print in the trailer looked like catsick. I'm not sure I'd be rushing out to see it blown up to extra graininess.


At 11:44 AM, October 24, 2006, Blogger John said...

My parents actually liked the Alabama restaurant -- they would eat there any time they visited the mall, and even saved their receipt from the previous visit so that they could get the 10 percent discount. I thought it was all right, the one time I was there.

At 12:40 PM, October 24, 2006, Blogger Slartibartfast said...

I gave Opry Mills every opportunity to win me over.

Now, going there just makes me wistful for the Angle Inn.

At 2:21 PM, October 24, 2006, Blogger Jeffrey said...

yeah, the bowling prices at D&B/Jillian's caught me by suprise one evening as well...Rip Off...

At 3:23 PM, October 24, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

I read somewhere that the new print of Halloween is going to be all digitally remastered and such.

And I got the novel of The Prestige to read first cause I'm a book snob that way.

At 3:24 PM, October 24, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

Oh and I now feel ill retroactively. I ate at the place you did months ago when we went to see Superman Returns...

Note to self: Do not eat there in future. Not that I was in any real hurry to go back, mind you.

At 9:33 PM, October 24, 2006, Anonymous sista smiff said...

Dont eat at the Chinese place. It is just wrong.

At 11:17 AM, October 25, 2006, Blogger -d said...

I can't believe you. Of all the people in the world I know, YOU. YOU of all people. I'm not mad, just very dissappointed. I am let down by your actions. I will have to take time to heal and feel better about our relationship and if it worth rebuilding. There will be a brief time with no interaction, followed by artless babble, maybe a simple banter, but time my dear, time, it will take.

I can't believe YOU went to Shopryhell AND didn't invite ME to go along and get all wound-up, angry, irritated, and annoyed by the multitude of consumerism and useless crap the is housed in one of our nation's worst monstrocities perpetuated by the "oh look, a shiny thing" knuckle draggers of our time. The teenage gloom and doom is sourly missed, but to lose the opportunity to witness 400 people that average a 4th grade education gather to gawk at a fish tank full of "what kilt that aley-gaiter guy" is much too difficult to swallow. I was never allowed the opportunity to share," don't tell anyone, but one of them escaped and is loose in the mall...and it is seeking revenge."

We have lost so many opportunities in this one action my friend. Memories never to be made, now lost forever.

At 8:22 AM, October 26, 2006, Blogger jag said...

Ugh. We used to make going to Jillian's a Saturday night event, but then we went last year and the bar was disgusting, the rooms themselves were horrendously grimy, they'd gotten rid of most of my favorite games, and someone had puked all over one of the stalls and it had sat there long enough to get crusty, so it'd been AT LEAST a day since they'd been clean. They were in the middle of redoing it then, but I don't have high hopes for much improvement. Opry Mills has gone to pot. I wish they'd never torn down the park. Stupid Gaylord Jr.


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